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The Town of Easton is undertaking a crucial public safety & public works facilities replacement project to enhance essential services for our community. The project involves constructing a new combined DPW facility, police and fire headquarters, and fire substation, consolidating multiple outdated buildings. With facilities ranging from 50-70+ years old, these structures no longer meet various health, safety, and environmental codes, and are beyond their useful lives. The estimated cost for this comprehensive project is $152 million, covering the buildings, sitework, traffic signaling, furniture, equipment, and technology. By consolidating the existing 14 buildings into three, the new facilities provide ample space for equipment storage and personnel to work safely, ultimately enabling us to deliver the best possible service to the Easton community.

Working Together

Recognizing the urgent need for improvement, Easton voters approved a feasibility study in 2021, which concluded in October 2022 that the police, fire, and public works facilities should be replaced with a consolidated public safety/public works facility at 524 Depot Street and a new fire substation at the intersection of Washington and Main Street. The Municipal Building Committee actively engages the community by sharing design plans and seeking input before obtaining project approval later in 2023. Your involvement and feedback are essential as we work together to create a more efficient and secure future for Easton.

We’ve heard a lot of great feedback during the course of the project, and we anticipate and appreciate questions about such a consequential decision. Please visit our FAQ page to see the most common questions from your neighbors, and if your questions hasn’t been answered there, visit our Contact Us page to reach out.

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