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The Town of Easton is undertaking a crucial public safety & public works facilities replacement project to enhance essential services for our community. The project involves constructing a new combined DPW facility, police and fire headquarters, and fire substation, consolidating multiple outdated buildings. With facilities ranging from 50-70+ years old, these structures no longer meet various health, safety, and environmental codes, and are beyond their useful lives. The total project budget for this comprehensive project is $150.5 million, covering the buildings, sitework, traffic signaling, furniture, equipment, and technology. By consolidating the existing 14 buildings into three, the new facilities provide ample space for equipment storage and personnel to work safely, ultimately enabling us to deliver the best possible service to the Easton community.

On September 11, 2023, the project team presented a comprehensive project update spanning the entire project from its inception through feasibility, schematic design and financial impact analysis to the Select Board and community. If you are learning about the project for the first time and are looking for a single document to cover it all, this is a great resource. Please click here to view that full presentation.

On October 23, 2023 town voters approved the project at the Special Town Meeting! A copy of the meeting minutes and presentation can be found under the Updates section on the website. The project will now move into the Design Development phase which will take place from November 2023 to May 2024.

Design Development Process

The Design Development (DD) phase of the project will work to validate the programming and further develop the drawings and specifications. The project team will work closely with each department (Police, Fire, Public Works) to incorporate any programming requirements into the project documents. This will include Focus Group meetings to discuss design items such as MEP/FP/Sustainability, Exteriors, Interiors, Security and Civil/Landscape.

Once these elements have been incorporated into the project documents, two independent professional estimators will provide the DD estimate. At this point, the project team and MBS will review a scoping exercise and perform any value management necessary to meet the voter approved total project budget.

We’ve heard a lot of great feedback during the course of the project, and we anticipate and appreciate questions about the project. Please visit our FAQ page to see the most common questions from your neighbors, and if your questions hasn’t been answered there visit our Contact Us page to reach out.

Tax Impact Analysis

On August 21, 2023, the Town Administrator and project team presented a detailed analysis of the police, fire, and public works facilities replacement project budget and estimated tax and water rate impact. Please click here to view the Project Scope and Budget presentation from PMA Consultants. Please click here for the full Fiscal Impact Analysis Report from the Town Administrator or click here for the abbreviated presentation on the same.

Use the calculator below to estimate the tax impact of the proposed Public Safety and Public Works Facilities Replacement Debt Exclusion Election scheduled for November 4, 2023*

  1. Enter your Assessed Value without commas or decimal points into the form below and click Calculate. If you do not know your assessed value, follow steps 2 through 4 below.
  2. Look up your Property Value from the Easton Property Values database.
  3. Search for your Property Address using the search bar in the top left hand portion of the screen.
  4. Click your property on the map. Total value shown under “Valuation” is your Assessed Value.
Fiscal Year Tax Bill Estimated Rate Impact Monthly Quarterly Annual
2024 (current year) $ - $ - $ - $ -
2025 (July 1, 2024) $0.27
2026 (July 1, 2025) $1.19
2027 (July 1, 2026) $1.41
2028-2042 $1.37
2043-2045 $1.23

*Tax Rate Impact reflects anticipated cost of PSW project net of existing exempt debt currently included in the tax levy.

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