At a Glance

Originally constructed between 1945 and 1969, Easton Public Works, Police and Fire (Lothrop Street) facilities range from 50-70+ years old. They are antiquated and not up to a variety of accessibility, safety, and environmental codes. They are too small for the equipment and first responders they house, resulting in overcrowding and unsafe working conditions and exposure of the town fleet to the elements. None of these facilities have sprinklers. They do not provide gender parity for the men and women who protect the community. There is no vehicle wash bay and no secondary containment at public works for hazardous material containment. Essential systems and infrastructure at these facilities are past useful life and failing, and nearly 80% of DPW’s annual repair and maintenance funds for all town facilities goes to these buildings instead of Frothingham Hall, Town Offices, or any other town building or site.  The proposed replacement project would address these challenges.


Current Conditions

DPW Salt Shed, Town of Easton
DPW storage on roof, Town of Easton
DPW Equipment Overcrowding, Town of Easton
Fire Station 1
Fire Station 2
Fire Station 3
Easton PD
Easton PD Garage
Easton PD Interior