Municipal Facilities Replacement Project Update – July 10

The Municipal Facilities Replacement Project for the Police, Fire, and Public Works departments continues progressing. At the July 10, 2023 Select Board meeting, we reviewed the project’s progress and shared schematic-level plans and cost estimates.

You can access the full presentation here and watch the video footage below to stay informed about this transformative undertaking.

Major Milestones this Summer

As we progress through the summer, important milestones are scheduled to take place:

  • Local Approval: We are diligently pursuing the necessary documentation and permits for local approval.
  • Schedule Milestone Overview: The project team is committed to a well-structured schedule for smooth progress.
  • Roadmap to Ballot Vote: Community engagement is crucial, and we have a clear roadmap for the town’s ballot vote.
  • Board Schedules: The Select Board is actively integrating the project into their schedules for timely decisions.
  • Upcoming Meetings: Engage in shaping the future by participating in upcoming municipal building committee meetings.

We believe this project significantly enhances public safety and municipal operations for all Easton residents. Your active engagement and support are vital—attend meetings, provide feedback, and stay informed as we work together to build a better community.

Thank you for believing in the future of Easton. We’ll keep you updated as we make progress toward this essential project.