Proposed New Facilities

Schematic Design Highlights

Enough Space for Today & Tomorrow

Designed to fit today’s needs and be used for fifty years.

Improved Emergency Operations Center for consolidated emergency response.

Publicly available community room.

Fleet lifespan improvements.

Room to generate revenue by repairing neighboring community fleets.

Safe Workplaces & Reduced Environmental Risks

Reduces cancer and other health risks to firefighters by employing best available industry decontamination facilities / practices.

Reduce legal liability from injury, evidence management, and other hazards.

Improve employee health and reduce injuries.

Improve hiring and retention by providing safe and modern facilities to essential personnel.

Modern, Efficient Building Systems & Site Infrastructure

More energy efficient and environmentally friendly than existing facilities.

Reduce environmental exposures and connect to sewer.

Remove solid waste at 524 Depot Street.

Improve capacity to repair Frothingham Hall and other municipal sites.

Appropriate, Equitable, Effective & Accessible Space for First Responders & Public

ADA accessibility for public spaces.

Facility parity for female first responders and employees.

Better Fire Station locations for higher level of apparatus response.

Equitable workspaces for all police, fire, and public works.

Clean, accessible and safe public trailhead access to 146 acres of conservation / passive recreation land at 524 Depot Street.

Consolidated project approach will cost less and achieve more than repairing and expanding the existing facilities or breaking the project into pieces.

Department of Public Works

524 Depot St
South Easton, MA 02375

The Town of Easton has taken a significant step towards modernizing its infrastructure and improving public services, a modern and safe municipal complex. The New Easton DPW located at 524 Depot Street will combine all existing public works facilities—currently spread about town in over a dozen different structures, into one more efficient and modern facility. Currently limited to approximately 25,000 sqft in buildings originally constructed between 1945 and 1952, the new facility will bring 61,500 sqft to provide safe working conditions for public works personnel and visitors along with adequate garaging for the Town’s fleet, much of which currently sits uncovered year-round.

Located toward the rear of the site is the Public Works building that houses all Department of public works administrative functions including the Water and Sewer divisions that are now consolidated under one roof. The building not only houses administrative offices but also incorporates well-equipped workshops for each department division and state-of-the-art repair facilities for the entire town’s vehicle fleet. The integration of Fire Department vehicle repair facilities within the same location as the DPW eliminates redundancy and ensures a flexible space adaptable to any need.

An integral aspect of the department’s operations involves managing the town’s vehicle and equipment fleet effectively. To align with industry best practices, the building features a spacious vehicle storage area, offering shelter to a significant portion of the fleet. This not only enhances safety for personnel but also prolongs the life of vehicles and eliminates the need to idle them during winters for warming up. Additionally, the facility boasts a vehicle wash station, a much-needed addition that enables regular and safe vehicle cleaning, something the town of Easton had been lacking.

Moreover, the site includes contemporary salt storage and fuel facilities, perfectly tailored to meet the town’s operational needs and ensuring efficient day-to-day activities.

With this project situated within a vast municipal-owned site, the DPW facility extends a unique opportunity for public parking and access to a trailhead. This trailhead grants access to a larger site designated for passive recreation and conservation purposes. This access point reclaims and restores a previously disturbed area, formerly utilized for agricultural purposes, now transforming it into a natural haven for the community to enjoy.

Public Safety–Police & Fire

524 Depot St
South Easton, MA 02375

Welcome to the newly envisioned Public Safety Building—a state-of-the-art facility that proudly houses both the Easton Police Department and the Easton Fire Department. Strategically positioned at 524 Depot Street (Rte. 123), this building serves as a prominent landmark connecting the southern and northern sections of the town, granting the Police and Fire Departments a central and accessible location. The new Public Safety building will replace the existing public safety building containing Fire Station 1 and the police station into a larger more efficient and modern facility. Currently limited to approximately 21,000 sqft of area in buildings originally constructed in 1968, the new facility will bring approximately 60,000 sqft to provide safe working conditions for public safety personnel and visitors.

The buildings layout has been thoughtfully crafted to maximize efficiency and convenience. The main fire department apparatus bays are strategically positioned at the center, facing Depot Street, ensuring quick and direct access for fire and emergency vehicles. To the east of these bays, you’ll find the firehouse section, thoughtfully equipped with ample parking and a dedicated access road to the back of the building. On the right side of the apparatus bays is the Police Department, with designated parking spaces for police vehicles. Publicly accessible spaces, including the Community Room and police front offices, are thoughtfully placed at the front of the building, adjacent to the police station.

The Community Room serves multiple purposes. Primarily hosting large meetings and training for the police and fire departments and serving the town’s Emergency Operations Center when necessary.  In addition, it provides a versatile venue for public boards, committees, and community organizations when not in use for department activities. Parking for this section is conveniently located off the western access road, ensuring easy and efficient access into a well-lit public lobby adorned with a two-story glass enclosed atrium. This community space/conference room will be available for public use and is substantially lager than current, limited, town office meting spaces that cannot accommodate more than 20 people.

On the second floor, you’ll find administration offices, detective offices, and training rooms thoughtfully shared by both the Police and Fire Departments. To ensure the safety and privacy of sensitive police operations, secure functions, including the detention area, are located towards the rear of the building, away from direct public view and access.

With this design, the Public Safety Building is more than just a functional space for our essential emergency services; it is a symbol of our community’s dedication to safety, collaboration, and progress.

Fire Substation

327 Main St
North Easton, MA 02357

The Fire Substation stands as an essential part of the Easton Fire Department, strategically located on Main Street, just east of Dailey’s Corner. Its primary purpose is to service the northern sections of the town, providing closer proximity and swift response times to fire emergencies in the area. While it may be smaller than the Public Safety Building, the Fire Substation plays a crucial role in the town’s emergency response strategy, working in tandem with the larger facility to create a more efficient and resilient two-station model.

The building’s layout is thoughtfully organized into two main areas. The central apparatus bay, surrounded by associated firematic spaces, houses the operational facilities for the department, ensuring quick access to firefighting equipment. Adjacent to this area is the firefighter living section, where dedicated firefighters reside during their shifts, always prepared to respond to emergencies promptly.

Exterior-wise, the building showcases a blend of masonry walls facing the street, accentuated by panelized banding reaching up to the roof edges. This design approach enhances the prominence of the masonry frontage, contributing to a visually appealing façade. Moreover, the building is designed with the future in mind, offering optimal potential for solar power integration should the town choose to implement it later.

An integral focus of the project is on advancing firefighter safety to industry best practices. The building’s design ensures ample space to work efficiently in and around emergency apparatus while incorporating essential facilities to minimize the exposure of Easton’s firefighters to toxic chemicals often associated with their profession. In collaboration with the department, the building features a specific sequence decontamination space, dedicated to safely removing and cleaning both firefighters and their gear. Additionally, the facility offers safe and clean storage for firefighting gear, preventing recontamination from vehicle exhaust or cross-contamination into the living quarters.

All renderings shown above are based on decisions made during the schematic design phase and are subject to change through design development.